Southern Family Dental Partners is dedicated to helping your already successful dental practice grow without the need for you to spend all of your time stressing over how it’s going to happen. We've helped dentists all across the Southeast rediscover the joy of practicing dentistry.

What are our partners saying?

Dr Nate Dallas DMD

Dr. Nate Dallas - Arlington, GA

When I considered selling my practice, I was simply looking for less stress and less pressure. I wanted to focus more on the patients and dental procedures, and less on HR, taxes, management, overhead, etc. Southern Family Dental Partners made this desire a reality.

In contrast to other DSO’s, SFDPartners doesn’t force quotas on certain procedures or require the use of certain labs. I am able to practice the way I have always practiced. The other groups also had very cumbersome and complicated contracts, with provisions and holdbacks that were problematic. SFDPartners’s contract was simple to understand and easy to agree upon.

The thing I have been able to enjoy the most after my partnership with Southern Family Dental Partners is simply being able to leave at 5:00 every day and actually be finished. I’m no longer juggling all the stress and business concerns of running a dental practice.
fred hannan

Dr. Fred Hannan - Augusta, GA

In July of 2017 I decided to sell my already busy dental practice. For two years I met with several prospective buyers. At that point I hadn’t met anyone who I felt would take care of my wonderful staff and family of patients. I also hadn’t received any offers that I felt were fair.

In October of 2018, 
Southern Family Dental Partners met all of my hopes for an ideal transition. It was a perfect partnership and turn over. I continued to work in the practice full time for a year and a half. It went so smoothly that a lot of patients never felt the change.

I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be able to work at the end of my career in such a stress-free and happy environment!


You’ve worked hard to make your practice a successful one, and you deserve to enjoy what you’ve built without the pressures of running a business. It’s time to partner with a management team that understands what’s most important to you.