When you work with Southern Family Dental Partners, you’re not just partnering with a management group. You’re joining a team of experienced dental professionals who are passionate about dentistry and understand the pressure of running a dental practice.

The Challenge Facing Dental Professionals

Southern Family Dental Partners began as a solution to a problem. Our founders understood many small to medium-sized dental practices lack the internal resources needed to fully manage the business.

Many management companies feel their only choices are to sell to a new dentist straight out of dental school or to a large DSO. But a lot of newly graduated dentists are dealing with high levels of debt from school, and DSOs often don’t understand the importance of the private practice experience for general dentistry, nor do they appreciate the work-life balance that dentists nearing retirement are seeking.

That’s what makes Southern Family Dental Partners different. Our company was founded by dental professionals, for dental professionals. Unlike other DSOs, we understand your struggles because we’ve experienced them ourselves. We’re dedicated to helping your already successful dental practice grow, without the need for you to spend all of your time stressing over how it’s going to happen.
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Our Approach to Office Support is Simple

Like you, we’re passionate about dentistry, our patients, and our communities. We believe the best way to drive great patient experiences is to let dentists focus on what they enjoy most: great patient care through overall oral health support. To accomplish this, we remove the stressors that come along with running a successful dental practice. We handle the day-to-day issues of:

  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Information technology
  • Patient records
  • Leasing
  • Human resources
  • Marketing support

By taking care of these headaches and others, we are able to remove the roadblocks that prevent you from caring for your patients and getting home for dinner on time.

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Are frustrations and headaches holding you back from enjoying dentistry?

Do you find yourself spending your evenings and weekends doing payroll, balancing the books, and enduring all of the headaches of running the business side of your dental practice? Are you frustrated with the responsibilities that come with a successful dental practice?

These aren’t bad problems to have. In fact, they’re signs that your practice is thriving and your patients love you. If you love practicing dentistry and want to focus on your patients, at your practice, with your staff, and spend less late nights taking care of the business side of practicing dentistry, schedule a conversation with us today!

Are you ready to rediscover the joy of dentistry?