Why Partner your practice with us?

Easy Closing Process

We already know we want to partner with you, so once you’ve decided to partner with us there’s no reason to drag out the process. The sooner we join teams, the faster we can get you the results you want.

Keep Your Same Team

We want to partner with you because what you’ve been doing is working for you and your practice. Your success includes the team of people you already work with. Some of the practices that have partnered with us include staff members who have worked for the original dentist for the last 40 years!

Money Up Front

We offer valuations which are based on the historical practice performance and allows partnered dentists to realize majority of purchase price at close. Not only that, but you will continue to be paid as a practicing associate as long as you stay with the practice.

Work-Life Balance

Say goodbye to the stress associated with running a business. Find the feeling of simply practicing dentistry again, leaving you the freedom to work a fixed schedule and go home to your family every single day. Spend more time focusing on those you love and the things you’ve never had the time for.

our approach is simple

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We're dentists just like you
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We help you rediscover the joy of practicing dentistry
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We partner with successful dental practices
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We uphold a private practice experience for your patients
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We promise you the freedom to enjoy life again

When you partner with us we take care of...

Human resources icon

Human Resources:
We care for and manage your team by providing benefits, taking care of payroll, and overseeing major office operations.

Marketing icon

Marketing Support:
We lead marketing efforts on the practice level through inbound marketing strategies which include social media, SEO-optimization, and reputation management.

Patient experience icon

Patient Experience:
We follow up with every patient when they’ve had an appointment. Our goal is to always ensure they feel like the only patient when they’re sitting in the chair. We also handle all billing and patient records.

Leasing and real estate icon

Leasing & Real Estate:
Along with purchasing your clinic, we also assume leasehold responsibilities. If you own the property, we have strategic partners that would be interested in purchasing the real estate, or making a financing arrangement that leads to a buyout.


As dental professionals ourselves, we understand the pains and pressures that come with the business side of dentistry. We know what it’s like to stay late catching up on bills, payroll, and the other responsibilities of owning a business.
Partnering with Southern Family Dental Partners doesn’t mean signing over your life’s work to strangers. Instead, it means partnering with someone who shares your values and wants to see you live them out. You already have a great team, happy patients, and a history of serving your community. We want to continue that same legacy by partnering with you and your team.


practice dentistry stress-free